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The Art of Shea Anton Pensa

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For posters and shirts:

Poster Gallery  · Shirt Gallery

For art commissions:

 Full Pencil Art$65$40$25--
 Inked Art$85$50$35--
 Paintings$300~$150$150plus cost of stretched
canvas if applicable
150% of any art type listed above
  * ALL COSTS are based on sizes of 3"x3" for Doodles and 8"x11" for all other
     art types. If you ask for a larger or smaller size the cost scales accordingly.
     Double the size means double the cost, and half the size means half the cost.
  # ALL SHIPPING is an additional cost.

So, you decide what you're after and e-mail me stating what you want. For example ~

"Hi, I'd like a full pencil piece of a spectral figure like the Strangers in "Dark City", under a gothic lamp-post. My shipping address is 666 I Love Tasty Art Lane, Sweetville, CA, 94566, USA, and I'd like that sent UPS Ground, please."

I e-mail you back and say ~

"Thank you, that will be $65 dollars. $40 now as a down payment, and $25 plus $15 shipping when I'm done with the piece."

I will include a link in the e-mail for PayPal; you click on that and go to their site to use your credit card to make the down payment. When the down payment clears into my account, I start work (5-7 days for finds to transfer).

When the piece is done, I make a small, low resolution, unsigned thumbnail of the work, and e-mail you that as proof of completion. In that e-mail will be another link for the balance/remainder owing. You pay that, and when the funds clear, I sign the piece and ship it to you.

Now, if your request has any "extras" in it, I'll tell you in my reply e-mail. "Extras" are things that make the take longer/add lots of extra work. Example ~

"I'd like a vampire in a Celtic Coffin under a stained glass window."

The coffin and stained glass are "extras". I'd e-mail you back and tell you how much that would increase the price. A basic run down of extras ~

More than one figure in a piece means the cost is 150%; thus, a doodle with 2 figures (that includes pets, etc.) will cost $18 US instead of $12 US.

Complex sets or objects: a painting of a figure in Druidic Robes is $300 US; same figure in chainmail (which takes forever to paint) would be $450 US.

Having a piece be a portrait or caricature of a real person is an "extra".

Final note: all commissions are for PERSONAL USE ONLY. You may NOT copy/duplicate/print any work for sale or any commercial use (including but not limited to album covers, prints for sale, promotional art for concerts/events, etc.) without EXPRESS PERSONAL PERMISSION from myself. That permission is an "extra" ~ double the price. If you want this option, you must state that directly in your order.

And finally ~